Introduction to Real Estate Realists

When stumbling onto this page, a slew of questions will probably cross your mind. Who is the writer? What makes him qualified? Why is there so little media across this website interface? Well I can answer all of those, but maybe not the response you are expecting. Regarding the first question, I’ll just give you a short summary of who I am. If you are still interested in me beyond this introduction, I will detail everything about myself in the About section. My name is Cole Hinson and I am currently in college studying business analytics with a minor in political science. I love golfing, writing, and watching college basketball. Investing in real estate, to me, has always been the most powerful way to leverage and grow your investments. I have seen family members accomplish this for as long as I can remember. Because of my, albeit small, experience in the industry, I do not only recognize its power, but it greatly interests me. It is something that I plan to pursue in my future to accomplish financial freedom.

In all of this interest and longing to invest in real estate, I am in quite the bind. This bind obviously being, in regards to my own finances, I have no capital. I am a full time student and a part time golf cart attendant at my local country club making twelve dollars an hour. Of course this is normal as I have not met another student my age that is invested in real estate, but still a bind nonetheless. To make up for this, I just try to be a sponge for information relating to real estate or housing as much as possible. When it comes to the second question, I guess I already answered it. I’m not. Nothing about me makes me “qualified” to speak to you about this. Because of this, I am not claiming to be some kind of housing market guru. I’m not trying to sell you a course on how to become successful in real estate. I am just an analytics major that loves real estate.

The third question was somewhat meaningless and my poor attempt of a transition to detailing my goals for this page. Pictures in a blog like this, to me, are quite a waste of space. Unless it is graphics or charts giving information to my readers, I will not be cluttering my site with stock images of housing developments to please ones eye. My goal for this page is to provide as much information as possible to assist my readers in their real estate endeavors. Most importantly, I am writing this for the realists in this world (hence the name). Not everyone that has a dream of discovering financial freedom through real estate has the money laying around for a down payment on a multi-family or apartment complex. Whether you acquire that capital through another source of income, start with wholesaling, or use a hard money lender, I am here for it all. I love seeing stories of individuals grinding it out in the circumstances they are given so that they can eventually break out of that mold. Of course I am not outlawing exorbitantly wealthy people from interacting with my blog. There is always a huge struggle in starting any kind of real estate empire, whether you are born into a fortunate financial situation or not.

My page will cover pretty much everything in real estate. It could be anything from a currently growing market one should focus on, to the process of purchasing certain properties and how one should go about that investment. Most things I will talk about will be facts or statistically supported opinions. Therefore you do not have to worry about me missing qualifications to advise someone about this. Lastly, I will be detailing my journey in real estate along with you all. Possibly once every couple months I will give an update on myself and what I am planning to do in my future. Although, my goal is not to bore you with myself, so I will be sticking to real estate concepts the other ninety nine percent of the time. I plan to post on a weekly schedule and cannot wait to begin this development with all of my readers. My next post will be next Wednesday (12/16/2020). I would love to get feedback on what you all think I should focus on every week, so leave topics you are interested in below in the comments. Sorry if this seemed like I was rambling on, it will be much more organized next week. Thank you for the read.

-Cole Hinson

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